Miraculum™ is a new, eco-friendly solution for assisting in preventing and extinguishing fires. These easy to use, water-based, sustainable products are revolutionary and can both extinguish fires as well as be used as a fire preventative by pre-spraying or coating.

Home/ Kitchen Fires

Miraculum™ has custom Safety Kits for every room of your home, car, and even your recreational vehicles.


Research shows that Miraculum™ is more effective than water and foam based products at extinguishing wildfires and once a fire is extinguished with Miraculum™, unlike water, it will help it to not reignite as long as the product is still on it.

Christmas Tree Spray

A Christmas tree fire can ignite an entire room in less than a minute and lead to deadly and devastating fires. Miraculum’s prevention products are key in preventing these .

Consumer Goods

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” At Miraculum™ we believe that whole heartedly, that’s why for prevention we created products to spray on ahead of time and formulas for manufacturer’s to incorporate into their products. But, if a fire should break out and you have to extinguish the fire or escape quickly, we have several products for you to create custom Safety Kits for every room of your home, car, and even your recreational vehicles. Visit the Shop page for products and product descriptions.


This cutting-edge product can be applied during the manufacturing stage so the finished product is fire resistant according to the manufacturer’s requested fire rating, taking fire prevention to a whole new level!

Long Shelf Life

Miraculum™ can be stored as a concentrate or pre-mixed and “ready to use” for up to two years. Miraculum™ can even be stored in colder climates without its effectiveness decreasing, even if it freezes. If frozen, thaw completely before using.

Research Backed

Research proves that the highly effective, eco-friendly Miraculum™ is far superior to water and foam based products at assisting in preventing structural damage, giving the public a better alternative to protecting their property. Miraculum™ is not only used to assist in preventing fires but it can also extinguish them.



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