The Sustainable Solution to Global Fire Safety.

Application services

Miraculum™ is a new, eco-friendly solution for assisting in preventing and extinguishing fires. These easy to use, water based, sustainable products are revolutionary and can both be used as a fire preventative by pre-spraying or coating or used to extinguish a fire.

Research proves that the highly effective Miraculum™ is far superior to water and foam based products at assisting in preventing structural damage to homes, office and government buildings, hospitals, nursing homes…any structure that could have structural damage due to fire. Miraculum™ is the better alternative to protecting property.


Miraculum™ Applications:


Christmas Trees







Barns and out buildings


Pre-construction, including framing




And more!


The application on the materials above can be done with a paintbrush, roller, spray bottle or professional paint sprayer depending on the size of the job. In all cases, Miraculum™ should be applied evenly and thoroughly, covering all areas of the product being treated. In cases where there is a higher risk of flammability or a higher fire rating is required, apply a second and/or third coat and let dry between each coat (three coats is not applicable for textiles, upholstery or mattresses where the product is either sprayed on or professionally padded).

Franchise faqs

Is there training and certification needed?

Franchisees should be trained on the product both for application as well as Miraculum™ capabilities.

What size/quantities can they purchase?
  • 24 fl.oz. bottles
  • ½ gallon jugs
  • 1 gallon jugs or pails depending on product
  • 5 gallon buckets
  • 55 gallon barrels
  • 275 gallon totes
How does a franchisee procure a regional area?

To be a re-seller or applicator you must go through training and have a signed agreement with Miraculum™.

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